3500 palavras is a series of quick reference glossaries aimed at travellers around the world. Each book covers subjects such as travel, holidays, shopping, media, politics, work, leisure, health, everyday's life and useful words.
Inspired by the work of the British artist Michael Craig-Martin, line art illustrations were commissioned to help establish a visual narrative for each language and literally highlight some of the themes explored inside each book.
Some of the illustrations are common to different cultures so they can be reassembled in endless variations throughout the series, while others are iconic references to a specific language or nation.
A bold color system distinguishes each book cover with its own set of 3 colors, along with an underlying gray. These sets of colors are integrated into some illustrations to call attention to the culture's iconic images.
Summary page and book divider, a reconfigurable graphic pattern made from a selection of illustrations.
The subject opening pages display an illustration relevant to each theme, using a 2 color system for the inside of the books.
Colophon pages reveal another iconic illustration alongside with the publication's printing information.
3500 palavras
Thierry Belhassen
Disal, 2007

Illustrations: Lydia Megumi
3500 palavras

3500 palavras

Book Design for a series of glossary books.