Wading across the shallow sea at noon time moving towards a small deserted island formed up of coral reefs and botanic trees. 
At the distance from sea shore of Chaweng Beach, take around only 7-8 minutes to the island  wading along exploring the bunches of seaweed every meter away in tandem of sunlight sparkling right on the tip of steady sea. 
Ko Na Thian or the locally calls “Ko Thian” is formed of approximate size width of 50 meters and length of 750 meters stretching along align the beach front. The highest terrain where we entered the island was on the left flank of the island and not much interest is on the right flank. 
At the low sea level many Sea Cucumbers and Sea Urchins were laying in between each rocks, right before you’ll knew it was quietly unannounced next to your either side of the slipper. 
A must take along is your comfort slippers to prevent injury of sharp reefs and corals could seriously damage deep cut to your skin. 
A breath taking view is right on the opposite side of the island facing toward the an open sea leaving Ko Samui and Chaweng Beach right behind. Many Sharp corals and pumice stones are stacking up for more than thousand of years widely seen on site. 
While we were exploring, we had caught up with the two mid age women who hand to mouth as the sea shell catcher making themselves a living with plenty of shells in a 30 liters fertilizer bag. 
Only a minute or two of chatting, the rain started out of nowhere, leaving us a quick saying goodbye to the two ladies and heading toward the shade of botanic trees to cover up our electronic gears. 
On our return, the sky became so clear that it’s reflect everything from above invert to the face of the sea. Ko Na Thian has never been shot and share online as much, but earlier before pandemic many tourists swim or kayak to board and explore the island. Coming to Ko Samui for new comer should never miss out bring along your 
slipper, sun lotion, towel, sun glasses, bag or plastic bag to cover up your electronic gears 
and most definitely can’t forget is your CAMERA.
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