ANDMARQ Corporation Identity Development

Corporate Identity Development

Mar Jun 2020

Started by people pursuing the trend of changes in the business, ANDMARQ is an agency specializing in managing actors. ANDMARQ has proceeded with this project to realize its vision of establishing a reasonable structure where there is mutual respect between actors and agency to break the existing system and behaviors of the industry.

Creative Director \ Myungsup Shin, Sabum Byun
BX Director \ Tyodi Hyojin Lee 
BX Team Leader \ June Bohyun Kook 
BX Designer \ Sungeun Lee, Sieun Baek, Kwangmyung Lim, Hwan Kim
DX Director \ Kihyun Kim 
DX Developer \ Faris Kassim, Minji Kwon
UI Designer \ Sukyeong Park
PX Photographer \ Keunhee Cha

Art Director \ Sungman Lee, Taehyun Im
Motion Designer \ Sangeun Song 

Chief Executive Officer \ Peter Ohyun Kwon 
Communication Manager \ Sunmin Oh 
Assistant Manager \ Nari Min, Boyeon Ha

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Project Goal 

The entertainment market has grown sharply, and it is getting more and more competitive. Small and big management agencies keep entering the market, making mere use of the actors’ reputation and image to establish themselves in the industry quickly. In the agency market, where reputation and popularity of affiliated actors themselves are essential, ANDMARQ expresses the presence of the brand by establishing its own identity.

​​​​​​​Brand Golden Circle / Brand Essence 

ANDMARQ is a compound word of words, ‘AND’ (with, in addition to) and ‘MARQ’ (finest, first-class). The compound word, therefore, means first-class partnership with the finest artists. We have set the root of our essence as a brand identity by defining who our customers are, what values we should present to them, and why we should the values be presented to them.
Brand Essence is the philosophy of the brand, suggesting the direction it pursues. ANDMARQ, with original perspective and well-organized system, presents a new standard of management industry beyond merely managing.

Brand Identity Design

ANDMARQ discovers artists with many potentials and maximizes their talents through a balanced system and provides unsparing and sturdy support to make an environment where artists can shine. The brand is leaping to the ‘higher growth’ with the ‘healthy balanced point’ between the agency and artists. The process of accompanied growth with a balanced win-win partnership is depicted as the motive of ANDMARQ’s brand identity.

Serif typeface is used for the logo of ANDMARQ to express its original perspective and uniqueness. The arrangement of ‘AND’ and ‘MARQ’ side-by-side in the middle stands for a balanced win-win partnership. The blank between ‘AND’ and ‘MARQ’ means discovering artists with potential and accompanied growth for both the company and artists. Separation and expansion of the space in-between, as a key visual element, is a core visual asset of ANDMARQ.

Brand Color / Typography

The main color of ANDMARQ, Confidence Red, stands for artists who have potential and enthusiasm as well as our sense of responsibility for the attractiveness of artists to be shown. Confidence Red, together with Black & White, is used to deliver the brand's natural and sophisticated image.
The neutral and simple typeface, Neue Haas Unica Pro, having high readability and compatibility with its unadorned and clear form. It is used to demonstrate various characters of artists not defined as specific gender and age, which enables the brand image of ANDMARQ to be delivered consistently.

Brand Experience Design 

The brand application design of ANDMARQ unfolded its unique and delicate sense in a minimal and sophisticated mood delivered to clients. Red color that gives a memorable impression is actively utilized. The layout centered in logo and neat typography system to online and offline consistently at the communication contact point is applied, enabling ANDMARQ to be impressively delivered.

Corporate Identity Development

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ANDMARQ Corporation Identity Development

ANDMARQ Corporation Identity Development

ANDMARQ Corporate Identity Development. Started out by people pursuing trend of changes in the business, ANDMARQ is an agency specializing in man Read More