Camp by Walmart

Camp by Walmart is an experience designed for the Internet. The free virtual camp, where celebrities are the counselors, is powered by the interactive video platform Eko, in which Walmart Inc. is an investor. With 100 interactive episodes that lead to 150 activities families can do at home, Walmart sees this as a content hub and the only place that you can access Camp seamlessly integrated play moments with products.

Leading the design team at Deutsch Los Angeles, we created the visual identity of the entire advertising campaign with a series of 3D animations made internally at the agency and in partnership with the Steelhead Studios (Deutsch owned production company) motion graphics team. With the overall direction by Pete Favat, I was responsible for all the Visual Direction and worked hands on to create Concepts, Character Development and overall 3D Look&Dev, using Cinema4d with Arnold Renderer and Adobe Creative Cloud softwares to create shapes, scenarios, lighting and texturing.​​​​​​​

06s Videos Logo Animations Mash-up for Camp by Walmart
Are you ready for the summer? Anthem for Camp by Walmart
Milk Carton Birdhouse for Camp by Walmart
Sock Puppets for Camp by Walmart
Celebrities Films Mash-up for Camp by Walmart
Deutsch Los Angeles Credits and Titles:
Creative Credits:
Creative Chairman                                                         Pete Favat
EVP, Head of Design                                                      Adhemas Batista
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter                         Ryan Wolin                   
Associate Creative Director, Art Director                        Justin Lesinski                             
EVP, Head of Production                                                Diego De la Maza          
Senior Integrated Producer                                             Samantha Bonom
Associate Music Director                                                Chase Butters
Music Supervisor                                                            Dez Davis

Account Management Credits:
CEO                                                                               Kim Getty 
EVP, Group Account Director                                        Chris Carter      
SVP, Account Director                                                   Shannon Engoian
Account Supervisor                                                       Katie Heinerikson
Account Coordinator                                                     Derek Longest

Account Planning:
EVP, Head of Strategy                                                  Kelsey Hodgkin                          
Strategy Director                                                           Janet Shih
Social Strategist                                                            Alan Hanson     

Business Intelligence:
VP, Business Intelligence & Analytics                           Joanne Marrache                                    
Manager, Analytics & Marketing Science                      Jasmine Ngo                                          

EVP, Head of Technology:                                              Marc Gowland
Principal Engineer:                                                          Hassan Elzein
Quality Assurance Lead:                                                 Katie Conlon

EVP, Head of Experience                                                Ivan Perez-Armendariz
SVP, Director of Digital Production                                  Laura Tron 
Creative Director, Platforms                                            Elizabeth Cordingley
Associate Creative Director                                            Shannon Gaboriau  
UX Director                                                                     Brandon Mulloy
UX Designer                                                                   Angie Kang                                            
Senior Producer, Digital                                                  Lindsey Najdovski          
Producer                                                                         Cassie Stethem                          

UI Platform + Style Guide 
EVP, Head of Design                                                      Adhemas Batista
Design Director                                                              Jean-Lou Renoux
SVP, Design Director                                                     Talin Baharian
Associate Design Director                                              Erin Burrel
Senior Designer                                                             Karen Pham
Designer                                                                        Jeremy Gozzip

Business Affairs/Traffic:
SVP, Director of Integrated Business Affairs                   Gabriela Farias                                                   
Director or Broadcast Traffic                                           Carie Bonillo                  

Production Company
This work was produced by Steelhead in conjunction with the Deutsch design department. 

EVP. Head of Design /  Visual Director, 3D Artist & Character Designer                Adhemas Batista
Associate Design Director / 3D Artist & Character Designer                                  Joo Woo
Senior Designer / Concept                                                                                      Karen Pham
Designer / 3D Artist & Character Designer                                                             Taryn Ochiro
Designer / Concept                                                                                                Jeremy Gozzip

Production Company Name:                  Steelhead
Director of Animation:                               Andrea Senise
Director of Post Production:                     Jennifer Mersis
Producer:                                                  Yole Barrera
Audio Engineer:                                       Cayce Sylvester
Audio Producer:                                       Monica Arnold
Lead Animator:                                        Doug Bello

Music/Sound Design:
Company: Mophonics
Executive Creative Director:                   Stephan Altman 
Executive Producer:                               Colette Huemer 
Head of Production:                               Shelley Altman 

Composer/Arranger for each track:
Casey Gibson: SockPuppets_Gimlet_Shandy.A1
Casey Gibson: Milk Carton_Gimlet_Shandy.B1
Casey Gibson: Artfully_Gimlet.A1
Casey Gibson: Firefly_Gimlet.D1A
Casey Gibson: Smores_Gimlet.A1
Casey Gibson: Snacklaces_Gimlet.B1
Casey Gibson/Isaac Wang: Fauna_YourOwnAdventure.C1
Stephan Altman: BlueBlue_0612_tropicalA_REF
Camp by Walmart