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Rebranding Rocketmakers
The Problem

Rocketmaker’s branding was outdated and tricky to use.

RM had built a credible brand association so this needed to be an upcycle that retained the mood and feel of the old branding, bringing it up to date with current trends and standards. The typeface and the rocket needed to remain in the new version of the logo.

It needed to be cool and fun yet professional and versatile.
Problem, Method, and Solution Synopsis
The founders were hugely inspired by NASA's values when setting up the company.
The origin of the brand identity was to blend the professionalism, collaboration and ambition of the NASA space program with a tongue and cheek retro sci-fi style from the 1950s. We wanted to mix these inspirations with some new pop culture references for the new brand identity. 
The old logo
The Method

The new logo was going to be a similar aspect ratio to the old one as we had to re-use the text, so it didn't work very well as a square/icon format.

That in mind we wanted to create a badge first that could also be used as a profile image and suited other square formats. A badge also suited the brand as it seemed like an astronaut's patch you would find on the shoulder of their space suit.
We mixed sci-fi and real life influences to keep the badge inline with the founder's values. We also kept it informal and playful to suit the current trends of the Tech industry.
The badge could also be redesigned and reimagined as new versions. These could be printed as new stickers to remind customers of the brand's continued relevance and to celebrate and commemorate events, teams and aspects of the company culture.
The new badge design was printed as stickers, a wall mural and on T-shirts and brought a new, fun, bright and vibrant colour palette to the brand. An animated version of the badge made by the design team was also used in the company promo video below.
For the final logo below we blended the badge and the old logo together. We darkened the text and separated it from the icon so they could be used independently. We also created a super modern gradient version of the logo as well as a flat one. 
For the monochrome version we simplified and merged the parts of the new icon to create a silhouette that could be used as a minimalist alternative when needed.
We married the new branding with the complimentary typeface TT Smalls from the foundry TypeType. We liked TT Smalls as it's modern, yet easily legible and versatile.
The mono logo and TT Smalls was used when designing the Rocketmaker's internal wiki.
The design team also created a linear version of the badge which could be used as another alternative (below) when a stamp style is needed.
We created an initial linear custom icon set to compliment the new brand identity. We followed up with a second icon set created to illustrate employee benefits.
The new logo, badge and red rocket was featured in an augmented reality promo app (below) to showcase the company's 3D modelling and skills in AR development.
The design team also created some initial social media template ideas. The below are a set of instagram template ideas.
Part of the Rocketmaker's brand identity has always been custom illustrations. The illustrations incorporate the logos, badges and colours in a fictional space setting inspired by the retro 50's style.
Each Rocketmaker's employee is illustrated as a fictional crew member as part of their company on-boarding.
A mural was designed for the new office that incorporated a fictionalised version of the 3 windowed red rocket from the new logo called "Venture" encapsulating the innovative service that Rocketmakers offers to start-ups and enterprises.
Within the new office the design team also gave the meeting pods a new paint job to make them look like the fuselage of a real rocket. We incorporated some design features from classic NASA rockets as a nod to the founder's original inspiration. We named the rocket "Venture III" as this is Rocketmaker's 3rd office.
The Solution

The final output of this story is the 2020 official Rocketmakers styleguide.
Rebranding Rocketmakers

Rebranding Rocketmakers