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ACME - Smart UI Display


ACME is a Smart interface display that allows the user to receive outdoor information through dashboard within the device. Incorporated with Hachi’s proprietary multi-touch technology aptly named AnyTouch™, this smart display can be project and interacted on household surfaces such as mirrors and glass panels. It can also pair wirelessly with other smart furniture in the Hachi lineup and retrieve data collected from them. In addition to being useful for individual consumers in a home settings, it would absolutely be a functional product for not only retailers, museums, etc. to leverage and provide visitors with an interactive experience in these locations. Most of the work here on UIUX and interaction design presented in this showcase are used for their MVP release.

ACME 是一种智能界面显示,允许用户通过设备内的仪表板接收户外信息。 结合Hachi专有的多点触摸技术(恰当地称为AnyTouch™),该智能显示器可以在镜子和玻璃面板等家用表面上进行投影和交互。 它还可以与 Hachi 产品系列中的其他智能家具无线配对,并检索从其中收集的数据。 除了在家庭环境中对个人消费者有用之外,它绝对是一种实用的产品,不仅可以供零售商,博物馆等在这些地方利用并为游客提供互动体验。
Client: Hachi Technologies, Guangzhou, China
Agency: ByBravo

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Creative Direction: Edwin Tan
Art Direction: Xavier Lee
UIUX Design: Xavier Lee
Motion & Interaction Design: Xavier Lee
Project Management: Yaqi Zhuang

My Role:
Responsible for overall Conceptual phase, Art direction, Interaction & Motion Design and hands-on Design until project delivery

Tools: Figma, ProtoPie, Adobe XD, Illustrator, After Effects, Pencil & paper

ACME - Smart UI Display