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Sploot Asia

Retail - Pet Supplies

Digital Design
Packaging Design



Sploot is a pet store or retail sale that sells a wide variety of animal supplies and pet accessories. Foods for sale include dishes, toys, collars, cat litter and cages. Because of this diverse assortment of products, Sploot could have gone in a variety of different directions with its branding.

Because the brand attributes remain consistent over time, they serve the overall branding as the foundation of the entire brand. Our marketing and design team express these brand attributes in different ways as their business discovers what strategies work best to attract the ideal customers.

No matter how incredible the products are or how long they have been in business, it is imperative that their pet brand looks legitimate and professional. We know a brand that looks too new or DIY will not feel trustworthy to the audience of concerned pet parents. Creating visual branding (colors, shapes, fonts, and imagery) is the first thing we do to catch a customer’s eye and influence their subconscious impression of their business. With a basic understanding of visual design and psychology principles, we identify the gaps in the branding and generate ideas of how to express their brand attributes more effectively with this desired design. 


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