PRAUDIO — Visual Identity

PRAUDIO — High-End Audio Home Theater Solutions



We have been pleased to design new brand identity and online store for PRAUDIO


The sound is a vibration that propagates as an acoustic wave, through the air. It’s percieved by our auditory organs. In phisics sound can be viewed as a wave motion in air or other elastic media. We’re stylized this motion to design the logo. The essence of branding is the quality and trust which carried within itself.

Visual Identity
UX/UI Design
Art Direction​​​​​​​

The sound of typography
We created the logo combining the letter “P” and “R” along with the shape of the sound wave. The three variant of this emblem designed to work on any visual display, such as offline materials or digital UI interfaces.

Mechanical wave
The logo’s multiplied patterns based on the oscillation of sound wave. I’ts likely used in our design, such as addition to complete the branding.

Shape & Quality
The High-End spirit of the interior formed by 3D primitives, combined with photorealistic materials. This unreal space represents the joy of the music, which leads us to another dimension. The product categories are custom modeled, 3D rendered objects. We paid attention to emphasize the equipment’s shape, along with the fundamentals of the branding identity.

We always improve the look and feel of the company’s website​​​​​​​
We paid a lot of attention for important sections, such as the landing and the web-store functionality.  “Premium impression” what we designed here, as the key of the High-End online experience.

Designed by @wtbstudio

Creative & Art direction: Alex Szabó
3D and Motion design: Ádám Simon
Project manager: Attila Benjamin Balogh


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PRAUDIO — Visual Identity