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    Mobile app , which helps to maintain a good drive speed. Eco driving.
                             Mobile app , which helps to maintain good speed drive.                    Eco driving.
The application Menu, simple to use, with a pleasant to the eye animation.
What is Eco driving? This is nothing like the average reduction of fuel combustion, which translates to lower expenses. The user has a choice of three different views, which help him to maintain a good speed drive.
In addition, the driver is informed about the status of the remaining fuel in the tank of his car. Additional statistics in graphical form allow for analysis, and then improving your driving style.
Application by voice commands and graphics, suggested the driver to slow down or maintain a given speed to ECO driving.
What tends to be very motivating? Challenge. Imagine that your fuel is points and meta is your goal - the winner is the one who will use the fewest number of points and safely crosses to the end.
Presentation of the video is not my property. The project made ​​on behalf of:
intelimind.pl - award winning apps.
Thanks for watching! Motivate me & appreciate ♥