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    A pain, a truth and a poison
A personal piece to illustrator or rather express the flame within that is envy that rips apart even the most purest of us so i wrote a little something to acompany the visuals.
i know i've become hard to reach with the doubts constantly attacking me so i went somewhere, where you couldn't find me as seeking the truth about you was just to hard for me but i tried very hard to overcome the doubts so that my heart could clearly see
That it was a lie and society was not trusting you with me, it was almost as if cupid was cursing me and took your heart away from me 
Now i sit there crying O fate why did you pick me, as i was reaching out for truth the demons found me only to play a game that would seperate you from me
Only then was it i realised that it was my doubts that killed the love and trrust between you and me and why is it now i realise it was all lies of the eyes of envy