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    This illustration of a sea turtle and drift seeds tumbling in the seaweed grace the 2013 Sea Bean Symposium tee shirt. I'm buying ten.
This is a tee shirt design that I illustrated for the 2013 Sea Bean Symposium in Cocoa Beach, Fl. Because I'm a big fan of 'sea beans' myself, I wanted to create a design that helped explain what they are in a decorative way; using seaweed and a baby sea turtle to show how they float from the rainforests to the beaches along ocean currents along with aquatic life and rafts of sargassum weed. Their reliance on the ocean currents lends them to a very organic and free-flowing design remniscent of a Japanese block print... which is appropriate because even Japan gets its share of drift seeds on its beaches. 
(On a personal note, this project is what convinced me to upgrade to a new version of Illustrator for the first time since college. Illustrator CC is a blast to use!)