Unsweetened & Sparkling Soda
Client: Freed
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Industry: Beverage​​​​​​​
Freed Beverages is a new unsweetened and sparkling tea soda made with organic flavours.

We deep dig to find an authentic and appealing brand story, ensuring a non-generic and non-binary identity. As Freed is a familiar naming which triggers many thoughts, we avoid falling into cliché concepts. The core concept is "Deconstruction"- The deconstruction as a freeing element of the human being, as a movement of transformation.

With this premise, we worked the logotype. The brand's typeface tends to deconstruct and at the same time is armed enough to have perfect readability. To emphasise the concept, we used other graphic resources- rotation, off-grid elements and bold statements —as balanced chaos to create a unique and exquisite visual identity.

The packaging layout reinforces the concept with a transition from a structured grid, to full-colour freedom at the top of the can.

Our Work
Brand Design
Concept Development
Packaging Design
Visual Identity