Project: Illustrations for Rouge Bunny Rouge Fragrances Print Ads
Fragrances: Provenance Tales & Fragrant Confections Perfume Collection
Art Direction: Alexandra De Montfort, Rouge Bunny Rouge Founder
ROUGE BUNNY ROUGE is an intricate and luxurious cosmetic brand based in Moscow, Russia. It melds opulence and beauty with embellished detailing in a range of colour make-up that embraces romance and whimsy alongside modern technologies and first-class ingredients.
I was commissioned by it's founder to create illustrations for their brand new line of perfume - Provenance Tales Collection & Fragrant Confections, who thought that my style was a good fit for their brand. Both collections have a dangerous yet elegant and daring feel to it. The bottles itself have intricate details carved into it which I really had fun intigrating them into my illustrations.
Inspirations for the Illustrations
I drew inspirations from deer horns & twigs which are also found etched in every bottles of the fragrances. I wanted it to be more nature-driven so I added floral elements and created a sort of midnight snow ambiance just to add fantasy & romance to it.
Provenance Tales Collection
Fragrances from the collection includes: Embers, Cynefin & Silvan
Fragrant Confections Collection
Fragrances from the collection includes: Vespers, Incantation, Lilt & Chatoyant
Close-Up Sketches
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