Causora is a business that's reimagining philanthropy
Causora links donors, charities, and businesses by letting users donate an amount to their favorite charity and they receive the same amount back as a gift card from socially conscious merchants. For example, if you donate $20 to your favorite charity, you can redeem a $20 gift card with any merchant from their network.
This creates a new feedback loop that lets donors potentially donate more money to causes as it lets donors support charities and causes while supporting local and or socially conscious businesses.
I found Causora while trying to find different volunteer opportunities and after arriving on their website found their mission to be captivating...but I had some of my own ideas on how they could improve their site and presence. 
I thought a logo that incorporated the negative of an S while highlighting the businesses new idea and approach to "partnership" would have a stronger presence among its key audiences. 
I wanted to retain the existing color schemes of the website so that it maintains the familiarity among its many donors, while ushering in a new excitement utlizing responsive web design principles
Likewise...I wanted to retain the existing "Century Gothic Pro" font that they utilized, while also adding in Myriad Pro which shares similarities with Century Gothic while also adding a slightly more traditional styling.
The existing site isn't very mobile friendly and doesn't utilize large images or capitalize on the retina and other high end displays found on many tablets and more recently released notebooks and monitors.  Due to the rich displays that many individuals now use on a daily basis, I tried to find a better way to incorproate images and make it more prominent for the site's design. 

That practice carried over to the mobile version of the site as well. 
Utilized the "hamburger" as the primary method for the user to navigate the site's various content pages, and relying on gestures and swipes instead for the browsing of charities/causes. 
The present mobile site is viewable on mobile devices, however, it's semi-clunky.  Using responsive web design principles I believe utilizing a custom mobile.css element would create a better user experience and engagement for the audience member.
Here's how the mobile mocked up site could look like on an iPhone. 
Here's a quick storyboard displaying how new and present audience members may engage more with Causora by redesigning the mobile web experience.