This is a Linkin Park and Talenthouse contest work.

You can see the description below

I'm a Linkin Park big fan. I've had listen to Castle of glass a thousand times before the contest. I started picking up one part of the lyric and breaking it on to some words. Like a solo-brainstorming.
As i interpreted the song like something about expectations, dreamings and breaking myths, those words were selected to my references.
For some people expectation is to jump and fly. For others, it's hope not to fall.

This concept brought me to ICARU'S WING myth.

The whole thing started to fit in itself.
Icarus was a man trying to fly. He created a wax wing and flyed so high that the sun melted the wax made wings.

More high your expectation, more high your fall.
Next step was to visualize every kind of wings. Here are some of my selection.

I tried to bring this selection to the stereotype of how a wing should look like.

So every person would see herself on my work.
Time to go to Photoshop.
The structure and idea was ready. So i followed some Castle of glass video details to create a visual stantard for this song and my work.
Colors and distopic elements were added.

Below you see the final work:
Below you can see the contest final session.

I had more than 30000 views, about 2000 votes and finished in 1º place between thousand of people.

This gave me "People choice" award.