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    The self-portrait reveals it's inner universe, the cycle of life and it's shorter time periods. Drawing was precisely outlined into vector shapes… Read More
    The self-portrait reveals it's inner universe, the cycle of life and it's shorter time periods. Drawing was precisely outlined into vector shapes with single-width stroke. Read Less

This is a page about my ongoing concept art Anatomy of a Selfportrait. See also Infographics I prepared.

"Anatomy of a Selfportrait" is a fictional work. It is my try for understanding the Theory of everything and it's branches (e.g. String theory), by simulation and application of some of Quantum mechanics rules through a Human behavior on a human face : for example by applying Cycles, Chaos theory, InstantiationScale-invariance or Infinity on Brain activity, Will, Feelings or Abstract thinking.

Project tries to outline external and internal enviroment plus input and output forces reaching humans will and thinking, resulting in actions and reactions, or producing different points of view.

--- Project is a fictional work and is not complete. ---


Imagine there is a Will - an effort for "existence", "existence of something", or similar abstract objects. Humans need it, and quite frequently they are possessed with it - but, as we discussed, it's because they need it.

By this concept art, I tried to understand how do I 'run' - by outlining some of functional concepts, strangly evolving both repeating. I tried to express energy-run concept through a human face - an object having a possibility of giving an output and recieving an input - giving an expression (a message for others), and recieving a cognition, for itself.


Imagine three circles with the following elements/principles:

Heart circle // Will-Slavery-Fortune-Freedom
(exists as a pure energy, in atomic timing) 
Inner circle // Sin-Willing-Rise-Experience-Order-Tradition
(exists as an internal energy, not-changable, timing: short-run)
Outer circle // Chaos-Learning-Coincidence-Dreams-Hope-Fall
(exists as a group of external forces, changable, timing: long-run),
(In backward order/translation word 'changable' changes to 'not-changable' and vice versa.)


The 3 Circles

The three circles and it's elements=principles are in neverending, continuous connection. The three closed Circles are: Pure energy (Heart) , Internal energy and External forces and are 3 basic tools of capturing and rendering infinity of a chaos. Each of Circles is built out of 6 principles/elements, those flow bi-directionally in neverending cycling continuity. And apart from being a part of a cycle (=system) connection, circles and elements are also a part of spiral (=evolution) continuity.

Circles differ in scale and timing, creating the illusion of movement. The movement in general creates the possibility to percieve: measure and evaluate, and, thus this creates the possibility to measure also the human behavior and action, thus, and this might be interesting part: to predict our future by adjusting the things in present time.


Starting point

First impulse, the Starting point, is the base on which we start to build judging and evaluating, starting to build our reflection pyramid. Starting point reflects past interaction between Inner and Outer Circles in previous (inside) Spiral, and is either of a Logic temper (coming out of the Brain, evaluated by perception of history, now or fantasy), or of a Feelings temper (coming out of the Heart, evaluated by pure energy, feelings). The generator / transmitter of the Starting point is to one of a 5 senses human has + time + parents.

Logic and Feelings tempers could be interpreted as two different judging mechanisms, so our spiral of human behavior begins either with the Will (generated by the Logic), or with the Freedom (generated by the Feelings). And here's the point, the big question: either both impulses are right and true, or only one of them is the right starting point for bringing the life to an happy end? The answer is: both impulses could be the right ones, but need the opposite movement, opposite direction vectors, definitions or gaining statements.


Forward & Backward Direction of the Circles

Circles are built of principles/elements. You can connect them starting from the first element, but also vice versa, starting from the last element. Both connections produce the same, one and only Result: picture of continuity.

One result, but with two possible interpretation capabilities - meanings. It's caused by theorem that the Result (the fact written in time, in the future subjectively also denoted as 'the only one Truth', is objectively just one and no other, but being viewed from another time or place could be percieved, viewed or be said in bipolar meaning. In our case, the Result is built from 2 totally different Continuity Principles: the Cycle and the Spiral, of which both are true in their own meaning or viewed from another place or time.

The key to get the same result (a functional system, so this might be also the hint used by the Evolution Program) is to use Opposite Directions in meanings and acts (e.g. in statements, opinions, points of view, movements etc.).

Forward Connection is therefore built using words
"leads to" (also means "derives to", "is a parent of",
and Backwards Connection is therefore  built using words
"derives from", "is a part / child / subset of").


Inspiration for this work, aside that it's a reflection of my life, came from the new philosophical approach to the ontological nature of time, where time might not exist and our perception and measuring of everything around us is derived only from percieving the overlapping action cycles. This Eternalism states it's an opposite to the presentist idea that only the present is real. I've found interesting that movements like these might have a impact on psychology, or on resolving mysteries of the human temper or action and reaction figures.


The sketch was outlined into vectors using Wacom tablet, a bit of the working process is captured in this Making Of image sequence. My thanks goes to Wacom's talent audition with their visual selfportraiting contest called "Pioneer of now", as the deadline of the contest moved the project towards making it real.