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Anatomy of a Selfportrait

"Anatomy of a Selfportrait" is a fictional work and represents a Human Will Cycle.
Art applies cyclic and evolving rules of human behavior and movements on a human face. Art maps internal and external environment plus input and output forces, trying to outline the representation of human will completion progress and dependent thinking and acting actions. Reaching the goal of completing a concrete will object needs actions and reactions, evolving both repeating. Energy has a flow, one-directional, and at the end there's the same energy, same state as it was at the beginning.

Imagine there is a Will - an effort for "existence", "existence of something". 
Imagine three circles with the following elements / principles:
(demonstrating infographics)
Core circle // Will-Slavery-Fortune-Freedom
Inner circle // Sin-Willing-Rise-Experience-Order-Tradition
Outer circle // Chaos-Learning-Coincidence-Dreams-Hope-Fall

The three circles and it's elements / principles are in never-ending, cyclic continuous connection, there is no beginning and no end. And apart from being a part of a cycle connection, circles and elements are also a part of spiral, evolving continuity.

Inspiration for this work, aside that it's a reflection of my life, came from the new philosophical approach to the ontological nature of time, where time might not exist and our perception and measuring of everything around us is derived only from percieving the overlapping action cycles.

The sketch was outlined into vectors using Wacom tablet,
a bit of the working process is captured in this Making Of image sequence.

Anatomy of a Selfportrait


Anatomy of a Selfportrait

The self-portrait reveals it's inner universe, the cycle of life and it's shorter time periods. Drawing was precisely outlined into vector shapes Read More


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