For our 21st release we have decided to explore those fundamental building blocks of life, the elements. Be they the ones that the ancients first believed in; Earth, Air, Fire and Water; or the modern periodic table elements.

Without these basic pieces we would be nothing and we hope to have done their majesty justice. Elements contains over 40 pieces of art and music with contributions from old hands like our founder Jorik Dozey all the way through to the debuts of Courtney Wooster and Breli.
The Recokoning, Movements 1 to 3 - Scott Stedmann
Wash Away All My Sins - George Gunn
Terras Iridium - Scott Stedman
Air - Joakim Olaussen
Droplet - Joakim Olaussen
Captured Beauty - Liquidia - Christian Hecker
Sun and Earth - Leandro Bordoni
Hurricane - Alastair Temple
Graviton - Erik Schumacher
CM-2.0 - Tobias Roetsch
The 39ers - Glenn Clovis
Aftermath - Kai Saunders
The Triumph of An Elemental Hero - Sebastian Hue
Big Dude - Igor Vitkovskiy
Prometheus' Gift - Alastair Temple
Unshakeable Rock - Alastair Temple
O Bringer of Life - Alastair Temple
City of Light - Maciej Rebisz
EL4MENTS - James Knowles
Hydrogene - Matthias Utomo
Reyna's March - Anna Hollinrake
Forlorn - Jorik Dozy
Orchestrated Sky - Breli4
Water - Cristian
Scott Stedman - Hephaestus
Filling The Void - Disent
The Power Of Air - Alastair Temple
Fire - Cristian
Phoenix Awakening - Jonathan Morin
Blaze - Maxime Des Touches
Fire - Kuldar Leement
Water - Kuldar Leement
Air - Kuldar Leement
Earth - Kuldar Leement
Heavy Rain - Sebastien Hue
Antielement - Jacob Hansson
Golem Heart - Vincent Lefevre
Akasha - Maxime Des Touches
Elements Of The World - Matthew Attard
Illuminate - Alastair Temple / Joakim Olaussen
The Luminarium #21: Elements