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    The Facebook Arcade signage Facebook Campus, Menlo Park, California 2013
The Facebook Arcade signage as it was realized in the Appetite Engineers offices. The sign actually wraps around the side of the building.
The Facebook Arcade signage as it was realized in the offices of Appetite Engineers.
The Facebook Arcade signage as it is currently installed. The scaffolding, LED digital sign and permanent typography are in place. The project will be filled up with all sorts of type, symbol, and design elements created by the ons-ite Facebook Analog Design Laboratory.
Elevation of the Facebook Arcade signage showing the scaffolding placement, permanent type and embedded LED digital sign.
The typographic structure for the Facebook Arcade signage. This indicated the relative letter size that the scaffolding accommodates. Type will be interspersed with all sorts of symbols and design elements created and screened on-site by the Facebook Analog Design Laboratory.
Facebook Campus, Menlo Park, California
Finally I am able to reveal a project that's been in the works for well over a year. Last year the fine folks at Facebook invited us to design signage for their on-campus Arcade/Lounge/Entertainment emporium. The result is a mighty 27x19ft sign system. Pictured is the design as it was realized here at Appetite Engineers central. The main scaffolding is now installed and will be filled with all sorts of constantly changing text and design elements screen printed by the brilliant on-site Facebook Analog Research Lab. One walks right through the illuminated sign itself to enter the building. Low-tech + high-tech + hack-readiness!