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Coastlines & beaches / La Lettura #451
La Lettura, Il Corriere della Sera
World's Coastlines & Italian beaches / July 19, 2020 

Which are the Countries with the longest coastline?

The world's Countries are ordered on the frame of the visualisation according to the total length of their coastlines. In the central part, the 15 Italian regions that face the ocean are shown and ordered according to the total extension of their beach areas. Each region is examined by the beach percentage destined for free use an the percentage granted to private resorts &other activities. The dots next to each region identify the number of beach resorts and campings settled in the area.

Source: Legambiente - Rapporto spiagge 2019, CIA World Factbook (may 2020)
Coastlines & beaches / La Lettura #451
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Giulia De Amicis