What's empty and what's full?
Can you feel air like concrete, do you feel life when it's coming to take you but, still detached, observes you trying to understand if u're worth it?
And yet isn't this mutual observation a sort of living?
Still watching your personal Reality Show?
Would you stop questioning?
Here is the difference between the frame of a picture and the frame of a window.
Some details.
Engraving on wood.
Some details.
Engraving on wood.
Diving like both falling and ascending, climbing a wall made of air and flesh. 
Up and down do not describe space anymore. 
Yet they involve time, up and down as before and after, trading places in a cyclical ping-pong where the only fact is you in slow-motion. 
Diving like breathing again, like every day. Under water.

These works where selected for a personal exhibition at Balaclava Gallery
through the "Call for digital artists" contest.
Some details.
Engraving on wood and work in progress.