The Oxford dictionary defines “empowerment” as “the act of giving somebody more control over their own life or the situation they are in”. We harnessed the power of this word to introduce the Alacran Group in a unique and uplifting manner through a series of taglines and related messaging.  
An imaginary grid exists in the layout of every communication, print and screen. In this grid, every number is the sum total of the two numbers that precedes it (for example: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8). This sequence named after an Italian mathematician, the Fibonacci Sequence, may be found throughout nature.
Following this grid allows multiple elements in any given design to come together in perfect balance, a vision of appealing rhythms and harmonies. The Fibonacci sequence is typically used in concert with the golden ratio, a closely-related principle also stemming from math.
Alacran Pictures logo reached the big screen, worldwide. 
Terry Gilliam "The Men Who Killed Don Quixote" Alacran Pictures - Executive Production 

Content creation
Urban, intimate & humane
Empowering solo moments, just the musician and you.

A series of content creation videos showcase artistic expression and emotions through an instrument, voice or body to emphasize the performance's virtuosity—drum solo, sax solo, bass solo, guitar solo, contemporary dance choreography, singing acapella. 

Essence in light - Video interaction
When you click or tab on the video or press the space bar, you enter an immersive parallel universe depicting the artist’s energy as he or she performs. It’s in sync with the original film and can travel at the same speed and camera angle. It’s a realm of energy and light, no solid objects. This space represents the artist’s emotions, expressions and soul. 

Client: Alacran Group |
Agency: Piero Salardi® |
Lead designer & art direction: Piero Salardi |

Baritone saxophone solo performance: Regis Molina
Drums and percussion solo performance: Julio Barreto
Direction: David Zink
Sound recording and mastering: Matthias Milhof
Camera: Frank Lemann
Making of photos: Cristina Gimenez
Location Babelsberg Studios Berlin | 
Post production & Direction in Lima Peru: Nelson Aguilar
Post-producer: Eduardo Arraigada "Wawin" | 
Sound director, editing and cut: Gonzalo Polar | 
Production, creative and art direction, storyboards, post-production direction, color calibration and animation direction: Piero Salardi® |

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