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Algae Farm Infrastructure / Algae Igloo
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Let's take a glimpse of the future of algae, and how we would face energy/food crisis with algae agricultural development in the next two decades.
Why algae?

Throughout the world, high demands on natural resources as alternate resources are getting more and more important. According to Charles Greene, a climate scientist, says that algae might be the solution for the grand world challenges of the future.

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•Nutrients for better health and body conditioning
•Protein for life quality
•Sustainability for the climate as a root solving method instead of dealing with surface problems.
•Byproducts that can be used in many applications.

•A protein source for livestock
•Fights water and food shortage.
•The use of micro-algae as feed is relatively recent, though it improves the color of the skin, shanks and egg yolks.

•Agencies are using algae to produce ethanol
•To replaced all the petroleum fuel in the United States, it would require only 0.42% of the U.S. map, less than ​1⁄7 the area of corn harvested in the United States in 2000.
The future is algae, but how do we increase its production?
First, we need to look into the growth factors and farming methods.
There are many factors, however I will be only focusing on these factors:

Streamflow: how can we stimulate algae growth by using water flow?
Light: is there a way to increase sunlight to reach the algae?
Turbidity: can we control the environment of where the algae are growing in to secure it's growth conditions?

Then, we have farming methods.
China as the world's main producer, they are very experienced seaweed/algae farmers, however they use labor intensive methods to harvest their algae crops. With automation production on the verge to agriculture in the future, the EU's automation methods are getting more and more popular.

In conclusion, automation is inevitable, so my design will be focused on creating a farming structure that aims to improve current old methods with modern automation.

Solution: a seaweed farming infrastructure design
I call this the Algae Igloo. This is a structure that creates a safe and cozy place for algae to grow and bloom. 
Personal: A Corporate/Government platform for common farmers

Scenario: Algae demands are sky high, production needs increasing.

•increase sunlight/ growth
•fast harvest (modulated growing package)
•public infrastructure

•Brown Algae (Alaria), which can be processed into ethanol by bacterium D. phaphyphila to produce “Algenol”)

Design sketches:
Future algae farm vision
Scenario imagination
Component board
Vacuum mechanism: to change water level in order to increase surface volume.
Fast harvesting: enhance seeding and production speed, with a magazine like logic.
Wind powered motor: to crease space and flow for the seaweed to stay healthy.

Algae Farm Infrastructure / Algae Igloo

Algae Farm Infrastructure / Algae Igloo