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    Architectural Lighting Design for corporate Interiors
BP 30 South Wacker
Chicago, Illinois
BP American Offices in Chicago is a unique project that entails a large scale trading floor, open office workspace, conference rooms, and several food service areas.

The trading floor space is the feature of the office and is the real showcase for the project. The space is located in the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Center at 30 South Wacker, which holds views of the city skyline on the east side and the Chicago River on the west side. The trading space features a three story space (33 foot tall ceiling) with a bridge that connects the two towers, (north and south sides of the building). The lighting in the trading space and open office utilizes indirect/direct energy efficient fixtures, all housing state of the art daylight harvesting dimming ballasts and controls. These fixtures also uplight the architectural wave ceiling which is a modern version of a white sky over the traders heads.

The project achieved LEED Platinum, and the lighting is currently 35% under theASHRAE 2004 standards, giving the project (3) points for the overall checklist.


Photography by Christopher Barrett