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    A brochure apturing the Old World flavor of the Amana Holiday Inn while conveying it's a great place to do business, too.
Amana Holiday Inn
When "Gemutlichkeit" gets equipped for business
The purpose of this project was to create a brochure for both the leisure and the business traveler. Its challenge lay in conveying the property's unique Old World charm while assuring the business traveler that it had the necessary technology to support business.

For the most part, I wrote the copy with sensory detail and, at times, relied upon my knowledge of German, to add some appropriate phrases. For example:  "nibble an oven-fresh cinnamon roll," "cozy booths nestled in old -fashioned buggies," "Ein Herz fur Kinder," "Trinken und essen im Kaffee Haus," "Restful slumber, peaceful dreams," "May you have sweet country dreams."

Then to appeal to the business traveler, I wrote a  section entitled:  "Equipped for Business" that gave some details to the technological amenities available at the time.

This example demonstrates my mastery of the English language to appeal to the senses, helping the reader experience the Amana Holiday Inn.