The use of smartphones damages our sleep. But checking social media is our favorite activity while falling asleep.
To help people take their sleep back, we turned Instagram into a tool that makes them fall asleep.
On Instagram, we worked day and night in the name of sleep. During the day, we shared IKEA’s bedroom range. During the night, we fought blue lights switching off our posts.
Then, we helped those users still on Instagram at night to fall asleep, through a series 
of 16 minutes, sleep-inducing, ASMR Stories. People suddenly get tired. But not of our Stories.
Thank you!

Creative Director: Alessandro Sciarpelletti, Daniele Piazza, Paulo Gonzalez, Mattia Lacchini;
Creative Production Supervisor: Alberto Monti; Senior Creative: Camilla Vanzulli; 
Senior Art Director: Chiara Giannuzzi; Art Director: Giulia De Chirico; 
Content Specialist: Alessia Zuin, Francesco Berra; Editor: Simona Melani, Sergio Giussani; 
Writer: Daniele Zanardi; Strategist: Marta Prosperi; Group Account Director: Francesca Feller; 
Senior Account Director: Mirco Bertola; Account Manager: Leandro Iorio; Account Executive: Alessia Bloise.
IKEA - InstaSleep [We Are Social]