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The Future Graveyard
First, let's talk about "death". 

We all know that death is the final destination for all the human beings. 
Saying goodbye is always tough for everyone, especially to our significant others, like your families, friends, and lovers. 
Sometimes, we might recall the memories that we had before with the past person. 
We still want to keep the connection between each other. 
That's why we still have the cemetery as our tradition till now. 

But, what about the future?
Imagine that 20 years later from now. 
In 2040, population explosion and over exploitation become big problems then.
The traditional cemetery might become forbidden due to the lack of space and environmental issues. 
At the some time, the trend of artificial intelligence technology will storm the whole world and society. 

Thus, I came up with an idea. 
What would it be like if I combine the AI technology and the traditional cemetery together?
The goals of my design is to keep the connection between the past people and us.
Lessen our fear of death, without the worries about the people who ever loved you.
Use the advanced technology to extend one's value in a virtual way after passing away.
This is the whole process of my idea. It's like a combination of product, service, and technology.

The first step is data collecting, use a wearable device to record the data from your daily life. After passing away, the data will be uploaded and analyzed by the supercomputer. Through the process of machine learning, it could create a virtual copy of your conscious, like a AI copy of you. Finally, put this AI copy into a special institution, like a AI cemetery, where you can interact with the AI conscious here.
The design has two parts. 
One is the recorder, which is the wearable device, 
and the other is the carrier, which is the public installation.
The wearable device could be in the form of bracelet, necklace, watch or anything you like. You could customize your own device in your preference. This device is a date collector, collet the data from your lifestyle, such as your voices, emotions, special reactions, and many many more. Just like a recorder of your life pattern.
Sketch of the wearable device
Take the bracelet device as example. 
This is the interior structure of the memory crystal. In the crystal, there's a super memory that could store all the data of your daily life in it. Around the memory, there're several sensors in charge of different information recordings. The device has solar panels in it, so it could generate the power itself. The coil around it allows the device to transfer and export the data easily with the wireless technology.
Wearable device - bracelet
Now, let's bring it to the carrier, the public installation. It looks just like a crystal mountain in the middle of the lake, right in the modern city center. Imagine that if this kind of installation appears right in the Central Park of New York City, isn't it cool?

The people could visit here and interact with the AI copies, which might be the copies of their families or friends. The whole installation is not only working as a graveyard, but also working as a public art.
Sketch of the public installation
In the installation, you could interact with the AI conscious which will present in an abstract way, like the particles with vibration. When you're talking, touching it, or making some movements in front of it. It will give you some different reactions by changing colors, changing patterns, and even show you the words or images. Besides of sharing the past memories together, it could even give you some new reactions according to your situation and emotion. Therefore, the AI can also be your mentor, providing advices, guidance, and make you more confident.
The Future Graveyard
In the AI cemetery, the AI conscious will show in the transparent display, like spirits living in the crystal. There are also sitting area around, where you could take a rest and enjoy the stunning visual effects that the artificial intelligence creates. In here, there're various connections between AI & Human, AI & AI, human & human. The AI can interact with each other, keep learning and cultivating, become more and more like a real conscious, like a real existence. People can also gather in here, sharing their emotions with each other.

As a result, this project is like a connection between the humans, the past and the future. And the bridge between the virtual and real world.
July 2020, The Future Graveyard, Design by Jack Lee
The Future Graveyard

The Future Graveyard