Our goal was to design a sustainable and modern brand striving for simplicity in the service of others. FUTI is youthful but respectful at the same time, humble but determined to provide quick and reliable services. In reflection of those values, we aimed to create a brand, which encapsulates the customer-first mentality, with a focus on reliability and sustainable growth - as FUTI is designed to give back to the community in which it operates.

People at FUTI work day in, day out to make your life easier, so instead of running errands and shopping for groceries, you can spend that little extra time doing something you love.

FUTI is a helper, a pal, an acquaintance. FUTI is someone you can always count on when you realise that you forgot the candles for the cake, but it’s already in the oven and your guests are on their way. 

FUTI helps to make our hectic lives a little simpler.


Branding and identity design
Merchandise design 
Packaging design  

Help FUTI find a new name and define its visual identity and brand voice only in weeks. Find a way in which the brand could be further expanded in the future as the company is growing. Explore and synthesize the team’s vision for the brand and hand over deliverables under a month.  

A happy client with a dynamically expanding brand and a unique brand voice that people love to share on social
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