Valencian Cultural Circuit



An inter-institutional cooperation project promoted by the Valencia Institute of Culture with the municipalities of the Valencian Community.

Currently, the Valencian Cultural Circuit is made up of, in addition to the Valencia Institute of Culture, a total of 83 public institutions that have established a commitment to support professional exhibition in general, and Valencian in particular, as well as managing culture from a professional and public perspective, to make theater, dance, circus, music and audiovisuals available to all citizens.

The objective is a decentralized culture that moves and is transferred to all points of the geography of the Community.

A circuit in motion, that expands. A circuit as cultural meeting points. A circuit where different synergies and lines of action are established and converged.

The result is a logo that transmits this expansion of culture through 3 circles representing the variety of cultural activities (theater, music, dance) and the place where they are performed.

A brand in a single bright blue sea tone, which plays both positive and negative. The chosen font is Gt Walsheim by Grilli Type in lowercase that provides it with closeness.

Year: 2019
Client: Valencia Institute of Culture​​​​​​​
Sector: Cultural
Discipline: Brand identity
Creative Direction and design: Ana Vañó (UVE) Francés, Cristina Toledo​​​​​​​
Project by nueve estudio

Shortlist Anuaria Best product and service logotype.​​​​​​​ 2020
Best European Logotype. The Best Brands Awards. 2020

Valencian Cultural Circuit