For these artworks I blended engravings on wood with digital superimposition of my own pictures or ones taken from the internet archive. I like to use the contrast between old and contemporary, warm burned and aseptic, human imperfection
and regular pixel informations.
As regarding the concept I basically started from the elaboration of a perception.
The following three artworks represent a visualization of the state of paralysis as a consequence of projecting ourselves inside our own mind instead of outside.
An unsolved in-between condition, a feeling of warmness and tranquillity, slightly unsettled by a conscious, unsatisfactory and nihilistic sense of loss of direction.
It describes a time and space where time and space are not reference points anymore, and the multiplied versions of us keep floating/sinking, penetrating each other.
The result is an image in which the fixity, that's proper to the image itself,
meets the inner circular movement of melancholy.
Selected for a personal exhibition at Balaclava Gallery
through the "Call for digital artists" contest.
Some details.
Engraving on wood.
Some details.
Engraving on wood.
Some details.
Engraving on wood and work in progress.