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    Architectural Lighting Design for a Memorial Park
Gold Star Memorial Park
Chicago, Illinois
 Gold Star Park is a memorial site to the fallen Chicago PoliceOfficers, which is located on the south end of the lake front path betweenSoldier Field and Burnham Harbor. Within the five acre site there are threetypes of unique spaces, the front entry (which actually occurs at both theNorth and the South end), four Nodes which identify a different values thatChicago police officers behold (Honor, Courage, Family, and Service), and thesacred Sacrifice Space, which holds the names of all the fallen officers.

The lighting for the entry spaces starts by effectivelyuplighting the large scale, checker board pattern vertical sculptures whichbring height and presence to the park. Behind the sculptures sits a lowcircular wall that encloses a small forest of trees. Small ground mountedadjustable accent fixtures glow the inner circle of the wall to create a warmsurround for the trees at night.

The lighting for the nodes include white LED paver fixtures toaccent the circular motion of the nodes and the special meaning behind thewords engraved on the surface (Honor, Courage, Family, and Service). The endcaps of the nodes hold a blue LED paver light to signify the “thin blue line”path that leads viewers from one node to the next.

The Sacrifice Space holdsthe most dramatic lighting for the project with one single inground low voltagefixture uplighting each panel inscribed with the police officer’s names. Thewall of names is again in a circle to instill a sense of warm light on thewalls to create a candlelight effect for the viewers. This is contrasted by thecool color temperature metal halide uplights that illuminate the treessurrounding the space.