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    Step by step process of Samus from Metroid.
The Metroid series from Nintendo has always been one of my favorite video games, so I had to show some love to the heroine Samus. 
I figured I'd try something to make her look badass that hadn't been done before, hence the boxing stance.
I did the sketch over a year ago and finally got to play around with it and add more details and create this moody piece as it was intended to be. Here's the process from rough sketch to final. 
Rough sketch, with very loose lines just to get the idea and pose right.
Darkened the background and laid the flats very loosely.
Black background + some highlights to start giving some shape to the character.
A few more highlights + glows to determine what's going to stand out the most.
A gradient map was applied to bring everything together and create a dark mood.
Color correction + added highlights.
Final details.
Everything was kept very loose from the beginning and it works for a piece like this.
- P