Motion Graphics

Online training shouldn’t be locked down to one application. Instead, it should be seamlessly integrated into the everyday workflow, ready to go whenever people need it.

Coassemble are reinventing online training, allowing their customers to share team training in the platforms they already know and love.

We were engaged to create a short, snappy teaser and an incredibly energetic launch video to help Coassemble announce the next stage of their online training evolution, Unlocked Learning.

Motion & Design: Never Sit Still​​​​​​​
Creative consulting: Universal Favourite
Sound Design: Smith & Western


Director: Mike Tosetto
Storyboarding: Zoe Crocker
Design: Zoe Crocker
Animation: Zoe Crocker, Melany Webster, John Grist, Ben Walker
R&D: Ben Walker, Phillip Tibballs
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Initial R&D
Original Storyboard Sketches
Design Route 1
Design Route 2
Final Designs
Animatic vs Final
Multiple Owners
Mike Tosetto