Unofficial Motion Graphic sample - Renegade Hardware

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    Renegade Hardware - Unofficial Motion Graphic sample
    Michele Tocci : Animation

    Luca Genovese : Animation / Graphics / VFX supervisor

    This motion graphic is part of a series of training on Adobe After Effects and Photoshop 

    We worked together to create a short motion graphic for Renegade Hardware, drum and bass label based in London.

    We used Photoshop to create the graphic elements and we composited everything on After Effects.

    The aims were :
    To identify a specific mood to represents.
    To work with different techniques of animations.

    We are satisfied of this work and we are happy to share this collaboration between us :)

    Thanks for your time.

    Music : ( Free Download ) Maztek - Wolf feat Malsum

  • Pic with the motion graphic behind Optiv & Btk during the performance of VJ Attitude
    Electric Brixton , 19th Birthday of Renegade Hardware ( 01 Feb 2014 )
  • Image taken from Electric Brixton's Facebook Page
  • Hardware Bank Holiday Special @ Electric | May 2014
    Photo courtesy of Renegade Hardware.
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