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    App icons for the BirdsEye iPhone and iPad apps during the brief period of time that they had separate apps for other countries.
BirdsEye App Icons
BirdsEye is a smartphone app for birders, a powerful tool that taps into the wealth of information submitted by the birding community and compiled into the eBird website.
In 2013, it branched out from just covering North America; it's now available for other countries, and so they need a different app icon for each. Where possible, we are choosing birds endemic to each country but a little more interesting than one you might see regularly at a feeder. Sometimes a favorite feeder bird is just the best candidate for an icon, though. Other country's icons will be forthcoming here as they're created.
My challenge is to create icons that will hold up through a range of sizes; simple enough to be recognizable at a tiny size, but detailed enough to maintain interest at a larger size. I also need to accurately represent details of the birds, as many people using the app pay attention to these details in the field when observing birds and will know if I get something wrong.
Red-headed Barbet for BirdsEye South America:
Superb Fairy-wren for BirdsEye Australia:
Great Tit for BirdsEye Europe: