POVEMENT: Plant Walk& Plants Rights Movement  2020 

POVEMENT began with a concern about the relationship between people and plants. The project encourages modern people who have begun to accept plants as companions to rethink from plants' standpoint.
POVEMENT presents 'walking with plants' using movable pots as a way that respects plants. Furthermore, POVEMENT informs “the rights of plants to feel nature" through flags, posters, and photographs, and suggests that create ‘the pet plant culture’ that respects pet plants to people, together.

​​​​​​​포브먼트는 사람과 식물의 반려 관계에 대한 고민에서 시작되었습니다. 이 프로젝트는 식물을 반려의 존재로 받아들이기 시작한 현대인들에게, 식물의 관점에서 반려 생활에 필요한 것이 무엇인지 다시 생각해보길 권하고 있습니다. 
포브먼트는 식물을 존중하는 방식으로 움직이는 화분을 이용한 ‘식물 산책’을 제시합니다. 나아가 깃발, 포스터, 사진 등을 통해 ‘반려 식물이 자연을 느낄 권리’에 대해 알리며, 식물을 존중하는 ‘반려 식물 문화’를 만들어가길 제안합니다.
1. R.I.P Pet plants that died in the house

Recently, the culture of raising pet plants has become popular. For reasons such as interior design and emotional stability, people are bringing plants indoors. People's imprudent consumption led to irresponsible attitudes toward plants, and the number of withered or sickened plants increased.
2. Plants come from the nature​​​​​​​

We thought that in order for human and plant relationships to develop into true companionship, people should respect plants more. So we began to think about the rights of the plants that people should respect. Remembering that plants are natural creatures that originally feel sunlight, air, wind, rain, and sound, we realized that people need to let their pet plants, which are withering indoors, enjoy nature.
3. POVEMENT 'Plant' and 'Movement'

POVEMENT is a project name combining 'plant' and 'movement', which implies a method of respect that 'move' pet plants indoors to outdoors, and our 'movement' that informs people about the rights of companion plants.
4. We suggest a new pet plant culture 'Plant Walk'

Just as companions walk with their dogs to relieve their instinctive desires and stress, we wanted pet plants to recover a little bit of the "feeling of living in nature" they lost by living indoors.
For the new act of 'walking with plants', we thought we needed pots that were easy to move plants indoors and out. we categorized plants into large plants and small plants, and after considering each feature, we designed pots with a focus on “wide mobility” for large plants and “protection” for small plants.
Walk with big plants
We designed the pot of a big plant with the motif of taking a walk with a dog.
Since large plants are strong in the environment, we wanted people to walk them more actively. So we put wheels on the pot to allow people and pet plants to walk in a wider variety of places, and we designed the pot to separate it from the body and assemble it with the handle so that people can carry it around like a bag.
Walk with small plants
We designed the pot of a small plant with the motif of taking a walk pushing the stroller. Since small plants are sensitive and weak, we wanted people to take a walk protecting small plants. So, to protect small plants from physical contact, we built a large disk around the plant to secure a safe distance.​​​​​​​
5. We support the natural rights of house pet plants

We wanted to share our ideas about 'the natural rights of pet plants' with more people. We wanted to create an opportunity for people to think deeply about their companionship with plants and find ways to respect their pets in addition to the "plant walk" shown above.
So we drew people's attention with flags and stickers, and delivered our thoughts on ‘natural rights of pet plants’ with various posters. Some people sympathized with our thoughts and joined our activities wearing POVEMENT T-shirts.
6. At the end of this project

The story in this project may seem a little wacky and unfamiliar, but we expect people will change their minds about the plants in the house after seeing the message of POVEMENT, which is worth considering. And we hope that POVEMENT's message will continue in people's minds, and that the right perception that it is a 'life' that communicates with us, not a 'product' that plants indiscriminately consume in pursuit of fashion, and that a mature 'pet plants culture' will be in our society.
Concept, Art Directing, Product, Photography, Graphic
Contact : povement@gmail.com 
IG : @Povement2020

Product Design by Hyojeong LeePyeongdeung Lee
Photography by Hyeji Lee
Graphic, Visual Identity Design by Minhyuk Jo



POVEMENT began with a concern about the relationship between people and plants. The project encourages modern people who have begun to accept pla Read More