Adobe Live – Motion Goodie for Illustrators
​​​​​​​MOTION GOODIE for Illustrators

Here s the download of the download of the "MOTION GOODIE for Illustrators" announced in my Adobe Live Interview.

This is a basic easy to use template for illustrators who love to start with animation. It creates a "drawn" appearance of your illustration ready to render as Instagram-Stories or Instagram-Posts.

How to

1. Import your Artwork in the PS File.

2. Open the AEP File and play with the Controllers: 
Precomp: "02_Artwork_and_Effects" > Controller > Effects

3. Render the Compositions "Render_IG_Post" and/or "Render_IG_Story"

4. Have fun and enjoy.

5. Let me know in the comments how you like it or if you need some help.
mit Melanie Daveid und David Oerter von Bureau Dynamo

​​​​​​​A sofa session talk about my creative career, projects and process, behind the scenes, insights and a huge birthday cake.

Some input about the "Motion Goodie for Illustrators" starts at 1:00:00.

Interviewer: Melanie Daveid
Template: David Oerter
Illustration: Jill Gori

Adobe Live – Motion Goodie for Illustrators
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