Fridge Website
Creative Production of Soulfood for the Masses
We have launched our new company website. This has been a big project to get all the functions in that we wished for, while retaining a clean expression with limited pages.

The websites is built on xhtml/html, with a guiding css that includes controlling and extracting data from the flash with java, to be displayed in html again with css styling.

It has been tested on all common browsers ( ie, chrome, safari, opera & firefox ), and it has been designed and built to look the same on a 27" iMac with 2560x1440px resolution and downwards. There is obviously a limit to how small you can go resolution-wise before the fixed css elements dominate the screen, but for that purpose we are now building a dedicated mobile website that will be up and running soon.

We also had a extremely fun photo session for the pictures we use on the fridge and contact page. All pictures taken and edited by our selves.

See the website live at The site is bilingual: Norwegian/English.