Lab Reborn

A new brand system to embrace the contrast at our core: the sober, often unseen business strategy that grounds our work versus the experimentation and collaborations we’re known for. With a simplified logo and stationery set, we explored multiple expressions of our iconography and unofficial mascot: the (lab) rat.
We invited every creative in our team and collaborated with outside artists to interpret our lab rat iconography. This is how we work day to day. And that says more about us than anything else we could write on these pages.​​​​​​​

A simplified wordmark, using an open Google Font. The idea is to be able to type the wordmark on cloud-based collaborative software. No need to insert images into presentation files or email attachments, which allows us to work faster, better, together.​
Rat-inspired color scheme. Rats are resourceful, industrious, and communal creatures.
Loose-leaf notes. Not great for carrying around in your bag. Better for sharing ideas, pinning them on boards, scanning, and documenting your design process.
New year envelopes for the year of the rat. We shifted the position of the slit slightly to reference a rat hole.​​​​​​​
Calendar with only company holidays and weekends highlighted. You know, the important dates.
Custom bottle opener, because we like to party. Work-life balance, baby.
A real sterling silver signet ring with three secrets, gifted to team members who display extraordinary commitment or contribution to the pack. (Hint: first secret is a computer mouse.)
Custom paper clips aren’t at all useful, but they’re cute, so here they are.
Lab rats caught in the act. 
We redesigned the entire website to better focus on our work and our team. Simple, considered typography contrasts big imagery of our diverse work.

Cue sonic logo, created by remixing the Morse code of "lab", with a local DJ and producer, in three different moods.​​​​​​​
Designers: Ngoc Vo, Jay Vu, Tu Le, Ivy Vo, Chloe Dinh, Ngoc Pham, Andree Nguyen,
Phong Chac, Alix G, Reo Le, Trang Dinh, Tran Nguyen, 
Collaborators: @qmaita, @duonggiahieu,, @levioi, @mess.vndtown, @shopthedeadbird 
Copywriter: Tuan Le 
Creative Director: Tuan Le 
Associate Creative Director: Nick Hum 
Project Managers: Phuong Anh Nguyen, Huyen Vo, Khoa Do 
Strategist: Ly Tong 
Production: Hanh Le, Khoa Do 
Photographer: Duong Gia Hieu

Dedicated to Phong Chac. Rest in peace.
Lab Reborn