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    Rooted in Hope is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable development through advocacy and international outreach projects.
Rooted in Hope is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to sustainable development through advocacy and international outreach projects. Our organization contributes to the conservation and restoration of natural resources through reforestation, watershed protection, and environmental education. We advance social, economic, and ecological development around the world by providing holistic solutions to sustainable growth. 
Founded in 2010, Rooted in Hope addresses the growing need for environmental protection and positive social development. To date, the organization has successfully planted over 40,000 trees, taken on a multi-year project to reforest Kenya's Aberdare National Park, and launched a number of social development projects in Africa and South America.
What we do:
Rooted In Hope is working closely with the Kenya Wildlife Service and Aberdare Safari Hotels to restore 125 hectares of degraded forest land in Kenya's Aberdare National Park. Over the next five years, Rooted In Hope will continue to work with our Kenyan partners to meet the goal of planting over 100,000 trees in the Aberdares.
Sister School Project:
Rooted in Hope connected students in California and Kenya as part of a sister school project associated with the 2012 reforestation project in Kenya's Aberdare National Park. In March of this year, Rooted in Hope staff visited St. Mary’s in Gilroy, California (K-8) and Miaguyu Primary School in Gakanga, Kenya to teach lessons on conservation and culture to more than 1,500 students.

Students in California learned Kiswahili phrases and viewed videos and photos of their sister school in Kenya, while the Kenyan students performed poems on the environment, participated in classroom activities and participated in the tree planting effort with Rooted in Hope members. Through this continued partnership, students are exposed to cross-cultural collaboration through environmental conservation. 
Beekeeping & Honey Harvesting Project: 
Rooted in Hope donated several hundred pounds of mesh material to a number of rural villages in Nyeri, Kenya. Although we had initially thought the material could be used for constructing screen windows, the local women have fashioned the mesh into protective masks for beekeeping. Subsequently, a beekeeping training program has been started. Today, this ever-growing group of women are harvesting honey for sale and profit, while simultaneously improving the pollination of their kitchen gardens.

Kitchen Gardens:
Rooted in Hope is helping to create food security in Kenya's rural communities and among women and children with HIV/AIDS. Sustainable kitchen gardens provide nutrients and a reliable food source to these vulnerable groups. Over the past two years, we have donated seeds and materials, as well as facilitated training workshops on seed collection and harvesting techniques. 
Water-Harvesting Project: 
Rooted in Hope supports the construction of water harvesting systems in rural communities of Kenya. These project locations now have water security for drinking, cooking and growing crops. As these techniques are passed on from village to village, greater numbers of people are benefiting from improved water catchment and storage systems.
Going Carbon Neutral: 
Edgar Seah is living a 'carbon-neutral lifestyle' after planting 1,500 trees in Aberdare National Park. Edgar is the first Rooted in Hope sponsor to go carbon-neutral, and he was one of two volunteers to join us in Kenya in 2012 to launch the program.