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    Sequal series of experimental and conceptual Cameraless Photographs that are a study of eyes.
Camera-less Photography 2 is a sequal series of experimental self portraiture that uses the method of
"Camera-less Photography." The idea for this shoot still studies expression but is very much deviated from my previous project, for which the focus is all about "eyes" and the irony in that you cant see them!
Eyes are the main focal point of a persons face and so through different kinds of eyewear and black eyes, I wanted to see and make this still the case and fits in with an aspect of photography for which I attempt to grasp firmly with both hands of creating photography that is unusual!
For the project as well, I wanted to have more of a concentration of colour throughout and so variations through editing were made to explore this as well. The project is also remeniscent on the genre "Steampunk" and this I found to be an interesting idea to dwell on.
Reappearing Face
Blacked Out
The image above when creating it to me almost is remeniscent of a stencil and stencil street art and found this interesting, so kept the variation.
Leaving My Face!
The sinister face shown above very much stood out to me when studying the original, shown previous and so created it to bring it to the forefront.
A sepia style approach was used on the two images below as I wanted to get an old style quality present within these reflecting on Steampunk further and also historic photography (Victorian and Edwardian.)
The Wave Of Eyes!
Raising Eyebrows
To create an emphasis on the eyewear, an idea came to me to remove/block out the rest of the face and so this was done throughout the project as another approach.