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Eurosilos SIRP - Visual Identity

Eurosilos Sirp Srl is an italian company specialized in making storage fiberglass products for agricultural, zootechnical and industrial purpose. The project aims to update and renew the corporate image, then merge it with the mission of the company in order to establish itself as one of the best in the italian market.
The concept Proteggiamo dall’interno (“We keep your value safe”) describes company’s values and mission (protection, passion,values,work).
Three different  slogans are made to be declined in every corporate images to communicate those values with accuracy and expressive clarity:
“dentro di noi la nostra passione” OUR PASSION WITHIN US for the company’s identity;
“dentro di noi i tuoi valori” YOUR VALUES WITHIN US for the sector’s identity;
“dentro di noi il tuo lavoro” YOUR WORK WITHIN US for the product’s identity.

1 COMMUNICATION: In order to harmonize the communication to make it more clear and more flexible in different backgrounds I decide to create three kind of communications related to the main corporate image but each one with their own identity.

2.IMAGE: the corporate’s image its made by the payoff and the photos. The idea of “inside” is expressed using the empty/full contrast.
3. FONT: Fonts need to help reading and allow use of typographic makeup to obtain a cogent fruition. The union of Raleway and Roboto Condensed obtains a sort of contrast between descriptive and informative communication (humane perspective and technical one)
4. LAYOUT: A dynamic layout cohesive with subject’s communication.
5. CONTENTS: Technical images‘ upgrade and workteam’s images with use of direct speeches, infographics’ image and icons to improve products’ descriptions.
The company identity describes the company’s values. Main image is made by the slogan “DENTRO DI NOI LA NOSTRA PASSIONE” and photos that visually illustrate three primary elements making up the company: products, peoples and environment.

The sector’s identity express values of the referenced target. Is is expound with icons, category colors and the slogan “DENTRO DI NOI I TUOI VALORI”

The product identity is defined through colors and icons and it is defined by product’s image and by the slogan “dentro di noi il tuo lavoro”. This image can contain the materials contained in the corresponding silos.


Eurosilos SIRP - Visual Identity


Eurosilos SIRP - Visual Identity