In Your Face
“In Your Face – Ideas about the Shape and Content of the Human Face” is the final project of my studies in the department of communication design at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier.
This book deals with the physiognomy of the human face and its changes. One of the main ideas of ​​the book is the strong connection between the external shape of the face and its “inside,” the emotions, passions and life experiences of each person. So it’s about the importance of linking form and content, what – in my opinion – is a quite interesting phenomenon and also very important for creative work.

Therefore, I transcribed the link between form and content, as evident on the human face, to my concept: the overall design of this book and of each page is derived from the form and proportions of the human face. Additionally, I treated the book as a changing face: like in a fictional life story the content and the design change a little with increasing page numbers. The content includes scientific, artistic and commonplace ideas about the human face. They are not divided into chapters but have a different design in that they are text, pictures or a combination thereof. Additionally, a series of interviews printed on smaller size pages shows the concept and the development of the book.