JUL / 95/
Brand Identity  — 2020

Jul'95 is a new online fashion brand from Prague that designs high-end clothing inspired by the principles of slow fashion and by the strong nature of women. The company manufactures garments that boost women's confidence, through good looking and timeless designs.

In addition, the company uses eco-friendly materials, which have a low environmental impact. The goal is to create high-end pieces that are capable of lasting many years and that garments are seen as a long-term investment.

The brand name has a double meaning. On the one hand, it celebrates a significant date for the company, and on the other, it represents the last decade in which clothes were manufactured as they were in the past, before the explosion of fast fashion.

The brands seeks to connect with self-made working women, who understand and value the power of a good outfit. In the words of the brand's founder, Anna Teslenko, ‘They are motivated by themselves and by other strong women that surround them. They are hard-working and independent, that know what women are worth and what they bring to the table. They know the power of a good outfit and how it could affect the attitude and perception that one can have about oneself’.


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