• 100years.pl
  • 100YEARS.PL project is a website created for educational purposes.
    Visual representation of the last 100 years in the history of Poland focusing on migration flows and their influence on the ethnic structure of the country. A clear visual code and simple animations explain complex information and processes in a way which is attractive for a contemporary user.

    During last months you could see my project on various exhibitions all over Poland:

    may 2011 / Poznan / Arena Design 2011
    september 2011 / Katowice / exhibition The Best Final Projects from Design Schools in Poland
    october 2011 / Lódz / Lódz Design Festival / make me! international contest for young designers
    november 2011 / Poznan / Arsenal gallery / Dokowicz Scolarship Contest

    Thanks to Szymon Kabala now you can take a short video tour of the project, accompanied by the music from Bartek Goerserr. Thank you both so much!

    please visit www.100years.pl