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    PROJECT: Linda Farrow Pop-Up Installation CLIENT: BOFFO Building Fashion Competition 2013 LOCATION: New York, NY OFFICE: Provost Studio, LLC STAT… Read More
    PROJECT: Linda Farrow Pop-Up Installation CLIENT: BOFFO Building Fashion Competition 2013 LOCATION: New York, NY OFFICE: Provost Studio, LLC STATUS: Competition 2013 TEAM: Peter Provost, William Sendor ABSTRACT: Linda Farrow continually pushes the experiential boundaries of eyewear design by creating transformative, individualized experiences for the wearer. The brand’s essence is about fun, surprise, and glamour, with each line of eyewear embodying a distinct personality and character. While the form and craft of the eyewear is paramount, what ultimately sets Linda Farrow apart is the brand’s ability to foster the innovative transformation of an individual. This transformation is twofold: an internal, private, personal transformation and an external, public, visible transformation. These dual transformations allow for a playful tension between what is hidden and what is revealed, what the individual feels and what is publicly expressed or projected. Our design translates the transformative, individualized nature of Linda Farrow eyewear into an interpretive series of transformational, sensory experiences that engages the visitor in an interactive way. To achieve this effect, several individualized “experience pods” occupy the shipping container space. Each of these themed pods contain one pair of Linda Farrow eyewear (housed in a lightbox display) and a corresponding sensory experience that targets the visual, tactile, and auditory senses. The experience pods are formally “carved out” of a one-foot by one-foot array of 342 hanging panels that are arranged both inside and outside of the shipping container space. Each pod is “pimped out” with graphic panels, projected video, tactile material panels, and a parabolic localized speaker (sound dome) to provide a sensory, transformative experience that vividly correlates with the eyewear featured in the pod. A small camera is fixed just above the eyewear lightbox display to capture images of visitors experiencing the pod. The images are then displayed in real time to the public on monitors placed outside of the installation near the entrance. This media relay system embraces the internal/external and public/private dualities that Linda Farrow embodies. The hanging panels are made of acrylic and fabric with varying degrees of transparency and printed graphics to create an overall aesthetic field condition that is perceived as a flowing volume. The gradient of opacity of the panels speaks to the hidden/revealed interplay of Linda Farrow eyewear, as well as the more fundamental material nature of sunglass lenses themselves. In addition to serving as an artful display space for the eyewear, we imagine that the installation will allow the visitor to intimately experience the transformative essence of Linda Farrow. Read Less