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Žemdirbio vasara 2020 | VIDEO

Žemdirbio vasara 2020 | VIDEO & IDENTITY

Client: Agriculture Academy of Vytautas Magnus University. Agricultural Science and Technology Park. 
Year: 2020
Services provided: video, animation, event graphic identity, brand book. 

In 2020 global pandemic stopped the world. Public events, conferences, and gatherings had to be canceled. However, you have to adapt to the situation. This is what VDU Park of Agricultural Science and Technologies did. They decided to move their annual conference for agriculture enthusiasts into the virtual world, where's no pandemic. 


More than 20 people interviewed. More than 10 different filming locations all across Lithuania. Do you know what binds everything together? The love for agriculture! Science, business, and growers share their knowledge, experience, and invites to look closer at the life of agriculture. ​​​​​​​

Event identity

Even if the conference was held not only one time, it didn't have any recognizable graphic identity.  That is why we created the logo, whole brand book, souvenirs, and communication graphic guidelines. Now, even when the world goes back to its normal way of living, the conference "Žemdirbio vasara" will be able to use this identity further. 

The task for the logo was to combine science, business, and farming. That is why in the logo there are three elements synergy. Those three elements manifest through the whole production, from animated name titles to clothing that speakers worn.  

Learned lessons: 
- Rapeseed leaves all your clothing covered in yellow;
- One spoon of soil has over 8 million microorganisms;
- Yes, it still hurts when you get stung by bees.

Žemdirbio vasara 2020 | VIDEO

Žemdirbio vasara 2020 | VIDEO