Some of my matte paintings. For more please visit my website -
Slum Village - matte painting from short film "The Light Harvester"
Kreola - CG Talk, Matte painting challenge ( shortlisted to best 11 entries ) - Attached revised improved version
LInk to WIP:
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Apocalyptic City - matte painting from short film "The Light Harvester"
Break down -
The Great Gatsby - Valley Of The Ashes /night/
Matte painting was created in Photoshop from various photographic elements as well as rendered 3d assets prepared by our team. I have started with the sky that changed few times before final approval. Extension of the horizon line had to be produced after that as well as continuation of the rail track and road. On the GIF image you can see the main stages. Final shot break up will be presented in my showreel 2013 which is coming up soon.
Credits from Iloura apart from matte painting:
Supervision - Julian Dimsey
Rendering and layout  - Tony Alamo
Compositing - Elena Topouzoglou
The Great Gatsby - Valley Of The Ashes - Day, Matte Painting
Wide shot of Valley Of The Ashes produced in cooperation with Alam Lam, Andrew Clarke and under supervision of Julian Dimsey. Final touches by Glenn Melenhorst
After Earth - Old Dam. Final version of the painting that apperad in the film by Alan Lam
Matte painting for Raz Media in Perth/Australia. Music video by western Australian band Origin to their track "Something Stronger" takes place on deserted,unknown planet with rigid, volcanic and uninviting landscape. The foreground will be part of the footage shot in the green screen studio. The 3d digital model will extend the set and the matte painting will fill the far background as well as the sky. What you see here is in 90% photographs with some mountains in the far background rendered in Vue xStream 10. Combined in PS CS5.5
Temple of Kong - Digital matte painting. Some 3d was used in order to blend properly into the plate. 
Runner up on the CGChannel competition - March 2012 ,King Kong.
Matte Painting for CGChannel monthly challenge - Rouge City ( December 2011 ) - Winner
Digital Matte Painting, Game of Thrones - House Bolton of the Dreadfort - fan art. 3d Max and Photoshop
MPC Alien Cloudscape Prometheus Challenge - Honorable mention, 3d Max, Photoshop