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Coexist Cube Project COE3
Here is some video of the "Holder's box" for the Coexist Cube Project it is an object that helps tell the tri-stories, that are coming together in the near future.
The concept sketch that started it all.  I drew it in the Summer of 2011.  No Yin and Yang on the bottom panel yet
The first version of the actual print.  I digitally printed it 8 x 10inches  on Arches watercolor via Epson 9900 for the M.I.C.E. expo of 2011 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Master B & W plate.
Flip out perspective of the first cube design.  I had a friend ask me, "what was on the other sides?"  So I drew it and used it for the cover photo on the Kickstarter.  It helped clarify the cube itself. 
These are some of the 9 x 12 inch prints that I made after the Coexist Cube Project got funded on Kickstarter.
One of the 30 printed copies of the visual key for the print.  I used Red and blue to hamper (not quash) attempts at photocopying it.
Definition key of some of the faith icons.
The 8 x 10 inch digitally printed marble reversed print for the successful kickstarter Coexist Cube Project.
The 12 x 16 inch prints
Just some of the collateral materials I made for the project.  I marbled over 175 separate pieces/types of paper.  It took me five 8-12 hour marbling sessions to make enough extra paper for the donors and any accidents or unforseen copmlications.
One of those complications being my screens themselves.  They were not the correct micron or grade of screen fabric for the level of quality I was attempting to achieve for this project.  After burning 3 screens each for each size.  I got some help from a local printer at QRST's and obtained the correct material(s) to fulfill my orders.  Phheewwfff
These are the Origami styled cubes that I promised to everyone that donated $10 or more to the kickstarter.
To watch the How-to video pertaining to the construction of those cubes go HERE
Envelopes, cards and stickers.  These were the first things I sent out after achieving my financial goal for the Kickstarter.  Everyone that donated $1 or more got a personal "Thanks" from me.
All stuffed and ready to go.
Along with the artwork for the Kickstarter I performed and produced some atmospheric music to pair with the Coexist Cube Project print.  This is the front cover.  Tracks  1 & 2 on
This is the inside cover, credits and Thank you's.
So for the record I performed these tasks:
175+ pieces of marbled paper
50+ prints hand silk screened
6 attemps at burning the right screens
66 stickers digitally printed and cut
10 digital prints
1 Quicktime video for the Kickstarter
1 Quicktime instructional video  for the Origami part
2 songs perfomed, produced and mixed
1 visual aid key for the actual print
1 album including front and inside artwork
Coexist Cube Project COE3

Coexist Cube Project COE3

A creative leap of iconic faith that is a successfully funded Kickstarter from Summer 2013.