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    Final Year Project in LASALLE // Embracing Mistakes : The Process Of Failing Book
About the project:
In today’s society, the education system and believes naturally surround the idea of avoiding mistakes as much as possible. With the fear of making mistakes, we certainly chase for what the society deems as “perfection”. Designers are plagued with the same problem. Particularly in design, perfection is extremely difficult to define.
A perfect design to you might not be perfect to another viewer. Regardless what varied definitions there are, all designers chase this perfection, which many don’t even have a clear idea how it should look like. In the chase of perfection, a mistake is never celebrated in any aspects especially in the field of design where the outcome is to make something visually appealing and satisfying. Therefore, designers tend to always work within their little comfort zone and will never step out of the box to try something different so as to avoid making mistakes.
The idea of this project aims to demystify the misconception of mistakes in graphic design as an error that can help in our creative process. It helps to educate and inspire designers to embrace the beauty of accidental mistakes as one of their greatest tool. The idea is to work on a playful concept using the mistakes that other designers discarded. The intention is to embrace mistakes and to demonstrate how mistakes can in turn
become amazing outcomes. This is the first step to stepping out of one’s comfort zone that will in turn aid
the learning process.
This book shows the documentation of my feelings throughout the whole process of this project and most importantly the failing process through different kind of experimentation from working with unfamiliar techniques to discovering the beauty of accidental mistakes.