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    " Vanity Flore " Commission for the new Vanity Fair © ( FR ) August 2013- issue /2
The Vanity Fair  © ( France ) .
Here is a step by step of my different approach for illustrate the famous waiter of  the Café Flore of Paris.
Vanity Fair  © (France ). Août 2013 - Numéro  2
 The Final one.
This is actually the first waiter i draw. The color tone was not appropriate, and the waiter didn't match with the style of the Café Flore.
 " The second one  was too much static and the left hand was a bit weird "
The face was ok but it was far from what he expect...at this moment i decide to use the same position of the first one, i change the color tone, and i put a little touch of red for the wine glass .
thank you  for stop by